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Howard SCD had the privilege of hosting a farm and conservation tour on Friday, May 5th for the new Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary, Kevin Atticks.  The tour included stops at Larriland Farm, Fine Idea Farm, Colmont Farm for lunch, Elioak and ended at Manor Hill Brewing. 

Click here to see MDA's photo release of the event.

     As part of an Agriculture Initiative*, Howard SCD created raised beds for the vegetable garden at Swansfield Elementary, one of three Title I elementary schools that will be participating this year.  Planning began more than a year ago, and we all know what happened next.  So, as we pick back up, prepared and with momentum, we are excited to see these raised beds built and installed.  Next will be planting and mulching.  We cannot wait to see the student's excitement to participate, learn and be outdoors.  Thanks to the school grounds and maintenance crew for clearing the area for the garden.  They were quite helpful.  A planting was also done at Cradlerock Elementary.  We appreciate all who helped to support this initiative.  
     *The Urban Agriculture Initiative is a collaborative effort with Howard County Public Schools and the University of Maryland Extension - Master Gardeners Program to create vegetable gardens with Title I schools.  

Urb Ag planting.jpg
School Urb Ag bed.jpg
Calkins Urb Ag planting.jpg
Urban Ag 5.jpg
Urban Ag school planting.jpg
vegetable planting.jpg

Fall Farm


Conservation Tour

October 16, 2019


The tour, organized by Howard SCD, Howard County Farm Bureau and Howard County Economic Development Authority,  enabled Legislators and Council members an opportunity to learn more about Howard County Agriculture and Farming.  

Fall Farm Tour.jpg

Brendel Farms, the first stop on the Howard County Fall Farm and Conservation Tour. Attendees learned about grain production, equipment costs, grain markets, and challenges facing farmers. Thank you to Chairman Justin Brendel and the Brendel family for opening their farm and welcoming us today. 

Stop two ... Larriland Farm. Thanks to the Moore family for their generosity, and educating the audience on produce, agritourism, pesticides, and issues facing ag pres farms.

Fall Farm Tour Larriland.jpg
Fall Farm Tour Marys Land.jpg

Our third stop ... Mary's Land Farm. The Cunningham family welcomed us to their farm, sharing their story with the attendees. The rain had picked up, but thankfully there was a pavilion that we could sit under to listen and learn - and stay dry.

Our fourth stop was Clarks Elioak Farm.   Thanks to Martha Clark and Nora Crist for sharing the story of their farm and their family. The rain was intense so we were under a pavilion instead of mingling with the animals. The photo opps weren't great but honestly we don't know that a photo could capture the wonder of their family's history, of their story.

Fall Farm Tour Elioak.jpg
Fall Farm Tour Howie.jpg

Our last (but certainly not least) visit on the Howard County Fall Farm and Conservation Tour was Merry Acres Farm. Merry Acres, once a dairy farm, is now an equine farm. They have numerous best management practices (BMPs) on their land. While attendees didn't have an opportunity to see many of the BMPs due to the weather, they did get an opportunity to ride a horse.

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