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The Envirothon is a competition for high school students that tests their knowledge and promotes the use of problem solving skills in the areas of natural resources. 

The competition consists of five test stations. These test stations cover the natural resource areas of:


• Soils

• Forestry

• Aquatics

• Wildlife

• Current Environmental Issue

The teams are made up of five members and an alternate, grades 9 through 12, from Howard County. The teams study through the school year preparing for the Envirothon.

Individuals from public agencies as well as the private sector, in the fields of forestry, wildlife, soils, aquatics and the current environmental issue, serve as resources for the teams. These resource people offer their expertise and time to the students to help them get a better understanding of the environment around them.As a team the students compete by applying their knowledge, communication and problem solving skills. The teams are scored at each station and the team with the highest cumulative score advances to the state competition. This two-day event allows students to gain additional training as well as share their knowledge with their peers. Teams come from nineteen counties to participate in the Maryland Envirothon.

The winning team from the state competition then represents Maryland at the NCE Envirothon. This is a five-day event in which students once again are able to increase their knowledge and skills.

Smithfield Foods is a sponsor of the NCF Envirothon and funded cash prizes are awarded as follows:

$3,000 per student for 1st place

$2,000 per student for 2nd place

$1,000 per student for 3rd place

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